About Points, Badges, and Streaks

Points, badges and streaks, are Codecademy’s current system of rewards.


  • One point is given per exercise once completed.
  • Users don’t gain points for completed projects or quizzes.
  • Points are visible in the “Me” drop-down menu on the top right of your homepage, as well as your Profile page.


  • There are currently 4 types of badges in use:
  • Exercise badges: given when a specific number of exercises has been completed (e.g. “10 Exercises!” badge)
  • Course badges: given when a learner completes a lesson that doesn’t have a specific badge (e.g. all Ruby on Rails lessons give users a “Rails Achievement” badge)
  • Course specific badges: unique and given on specific courses or lessons (e.g. “Github” badge, “Functions in JavaScript” badge)
  • Promotion badges: tied to an event or specific partnership (e.g. “404” badge, “DonorsChoose” badge)
  • Badges will be visible on the user’s Profile page.


  • The “streak” records how many days in a row a user has been active on Codecademy.
  • Streak is only visible in a learner’s profile page.
  • Not every activity counts towards a streak: Submitting on Composer or the Learning Environment counts towards your streak. Taking a quiz or doing a project does not count.
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