Difference Between Computer Science Basics: Data Structures and Algorithms

At the backbone of every program or piece of software are two entities: data and algorithms. Data structures are the way we are able to store and retrieve data. Algorithms transform data into something a program can effectively use. Therefore, it is important to understand how to structure data and then learn how algorithms can maintain, utilize, and iterate through data quickly.

In the Computer Science Basics: Data Structures intensive you will learn how many different types of data structures function, how to build them using Python, and how to store data in them.

In the Computer Science Basics: Algorithms intensive you will learn many approaches to search, sort, and transform data that already exists in a variety of data structures.

Both intensives are entirely self-contained and you can take either alone or both in any order. That said, if you decide to take both we do recommend that you take Computer Science Basics: Data Structures first and Computer Science Basics: Algorithms second so that you gain a solid understanding of how data is stored before you start trying to perform operations on the data itself.

There is only one lesson that is shared between the two intensives, Asymptotic Notation, which teaches you the language you need to discuss the runtime of algorithms and operations that data structures can perform.

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