Computer Science Basic: Algorithms - Syllabus

Upgrade your skills and learn Computer Science Basic: Algorithms!

Each unit will cover conceptual and syntax lessons and quizzes. There will also be a few cumulative projects toward the end of the Intensive. Articles and videos will be available to supplement your learning.

Unit 1 Asymptotic Notation

Learn about asymptotic notation and how to analyze algorithms.

Unit 2 Recursion

Solve problems using recursion.

Unit 3 Sorting

Analyze different methods for ordering your data quickly and efficiently.

Unit 4 Generic Searching

Write algorithms to effectively locate the data that you are looking for.

Unit 5 Graph Searching

Traverse a graph in different ways to locate data.

Unit 6 Applied Algorithms

Use algorithms to solve logic puzzles and code challenges

Unit 7 Capstone Project: Convoluted Kernel Maze

Use graph searching algorithms to determine a path through a corn maze. Keep a sorted inventory of items you pick up along the way to make sure you are holding onto the best swag.

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