Difference between Programming with Python and Learn Python(free and Pro)

Programming with Python is a Pro Intensive program.

Learn Python is a course offered in our free course catalog. Lessons are free. The quizzes and projects will require you to upgrade to Pro.

Key differences between Programming with Python and Learn Python include:

  1. Versions taught
    • Learn Python is taught in Python 2.X.
    • Programming with Python is taught in Python 3.X.
  2. Time-commitment
    • Learn Python is a self-paced course, you can start and stop your progress whenever you choose to do so.
    • Programming with Python is a 9-week intensive program. You can expect to spend 10-15 hours per week on coursework.
  3. Content
    • Learn Python comes in two versions.
      • Pro version – includes lessons, quizzes, and projects.
      • Free version – offers lessons ONLY.
    • Programming with Python offers a curriculum of interactive lessons, mini projects, and cumulative projects delivered to teach best coding practices and common problem-solving. See the curriculum syllabus below for details!
  4. Support Resources
    • Learn Python
    • Pro version– lessons, quizzes, and projects.
    • Programming with Python offers an online classroom support setting.
      • Slack chat channels
        • Discussion with peers includes asking questions and sharing resources!
        • We strongly encourage learners to ask for feedback on projects as well as to find partners to pair with. It’s often helpful to find a buddy (or two!) to help each other stay motivated and accountable throughout the Intensive.
      • Moderators
        • Will answer questions, summarize important discussions and highlight helpful resources in the Slack chat channels. Moderators will also keep things on track as the cohort progresses through the coursework.
      • Project Reviews
        • You will complete and submit a couple cumulative projects that a professional developer will review. They will provide feedback with notes.
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