Difference Between Pro Paths and Pro Intensive

Pro Paths are a great tool for learning the fundamentals. With Paths you'll be able to develop a deeper knowledge and refine your skills along a set learning journey built by our team. Paths are not paced, so you can learn in a slower or quicker pace depending on the time commitment you're able to make. Paths are available with a Pro subscription, which starts at $19.99.

Intensives are designed to immerse learners over 6-10 weeks (timeframe dependent upon the Intensive) in website development, programming, or data science. Learners follow a structured, detailed syllabus that is broken into focused units to organize the learning experience. It also includes professional review of your Intensive projects and access to a network of fellow learners who will be working on the same projects and materials. Upon completion of the program, you will receive a certificate of completion. Pro Intensives are priced at $199.

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