What curriculum is covered in Data Visualization with Python?

Upgrade your skills with Codecademy Pro Intensive, Data Visualization with Python.

Unit 1: Introduction to Python

Learn the basics of Python.

  • Python syntax, and functions

Unit 2: Python for Data Analysis

  • Lists and Jupyter Notebooks

Unit 3: Visualizing Data with Matplotlib

  • Line graphs with Matplotlib

Unit 4: Data Manipulation with Pandas

  • Use the Pandas Python library to load, inspect and modify data to  perform advanced data analysis.

Unit 5: Advanced Graphing with Seaborn

  • Introduction to and styling with Seaborn, a data visualization library.

Unit 6: Capstone Projects

  1. Water pollution Across the World Dive into a series of datasets about global health concerns and visualize your findings.
  2. Historical Netflix Stock Data Analyze the market competition and utilize graphs and chargs to make a presentation for a board meeting.

By the end of Data Visualization, you'll be creating compelling data visualizations. You'll have learned and worked through the basics of a programming language and programming logic, working with functions, using different Python libraries (Seaborn, Panda, Matplotlib) to adequately communicate to others about data.

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