Learn SQL from Scratch – Curriculum

Upgrade your skills with Codecademy's Pro Intensive, Learn SQL from Scratch.

In Learn SQL from Scratch, you'll learn how to take large datasets and analyze them to make informed insights. You'll thoroughly learn SQLite to be able to write queries, aggregate data, combine from multiple tables, track lead attribution with data schemas, process funnel analysis, and churn rates.

Unit 1: Introduction to SQL and Writing Queries

Learn what SQL is, how it's used, and start investigating basic data.

Unit 2: Aggregate Functions

You can select and analyze data from SQL databases. You’ll be able to summarize large quantities of data into easy-to-read tables.

Unit 3: Working with Multiple Tables

Combine data from multiple sources to draw advanced conclusions

Unit 4: Business Applications

Choose to learn about customer attribution, process funnels, or churn rates

Unit 5: Capstone Project (choose 1 of the 3)

1. First and Last Touch Attribution analysis

  • Learn how to use UTMs to track lead attribution with database schemas.

2. Usage Funnel

  • Use SQL to track movement from catalog to checkout to find conversion rates and learn to calculate churn.

3. Analyze Churn Rates

  • Apply your knowledge of aggregate functions to analyze Hacker News finding top stories, trending users, and the best time of day to post.
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