What is Back End programming?

We offer back-end skills in our Full Stack path, which covers both front end and back end development.

The "Back End" of a system refers to the parts of a program that the user doesn't see, but are vital to its operation. These are things like the database, which stores user information and internal processes that make sure the system stays up and running correctly These parts of a program may not be visible to a user, but they are vital to any system.

In learning how to work on the back end of a system, you'll need to learn different languages and frameworks that allow you to pull data from a database, such as SQL. You'll also need to learn the languages that power the back end of system and allow it to push data to the front end, such as Ruby, Python, PHP, and Javascript.

Focusing on the back end of a system means that you'll be learning languages and skills such as these:

  • Learn Ruby
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Learn Python
  • Intro to Javascript
  • Learn AngularJS
  • Learn SQL
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