My card failed to make a payment, what happens now?

If your payment method fails 3 times in a row, your subscription will be deactivated 10 days after that. You can either:

  • Update your Subscription and Billing account info with a new credit card
  • Allow the subscription to deactivate 

If your subscription has been deactiavted, you can regain your progress on PRO material by inputing a new, valid payment method. If you choose to cancel, you'll still have access to projects and quizzes that you've started or completed, except for Final Projects.

If the payment continues to fail, it's likely be due to a safety precaution implemented by your card company to combat potential fraudulent charges. If your card is rejecting our charge, you would simply have to call your card vendor and authorize the payment to let them know you trust our name as a vendor.

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