What makes Pro different from your free courses?

Codecademy's free course library contain hundreds of hours of content which have been used by millions of people across the world to learn to code.  Our mission is to help people learn the skills they need to find jobs, and providing high quality free content is vital to that mission.

Our paid product allows these same users to practice the skills that they have learned in real world scenarios and test their knowledge on our assessment.  

Codecademy Pro contains all of the content in our free library, in addition to some amazing features and tools that will help accelerate and develop your learning. 

Apply your new skills with 80+ real world projects

The toughest part of your early learning is finding the right projects for you to grow your skills.  They can't be too easy or too difficult, and you need these projects to develop your abilities.

Luckily, Codecademy has solved this for you.  Each language that we offer comes with a pre built set of projects that allow you to work on projects that are appropriate for your skill level while also giving you exposure to modern technology and best practices.

These projects allow you to develop the critical skills of testing ideas and troubleshooting problems. 

Here are a few examples:


Project: "Gameboard" in HTML/CSS - Learn to build innovative sites with HTML/CSS and leverage the power of Bootstrap to make it beautiful.


Project - "Attica" in Command Line: Configure your local environment and use the power of your bash profile and alias to work efficiently.  


Project - "Querying Tables" in SQL: Practice using multiple tables to store Songs, Tracks, and Albums from your favorite artists

Test your knowledge and reinforce learnings with quizzes 

Testing the new skills that you've acquired is a crucial step in the learning process.  Our mid session quizzes ensure that you're progressing through the skills that you'll need later on in your learning.

Each course has multiple quizzes that make sure you're on the right track.

Hint: Nesting in SASS has nothing to do with class definitions


Hint: Choose the 4th one down...

Chat live with our team of experts when you get stuck

Frustration is a natural part of learning anything, and we understand that.  That being said, we don't want you to struggle for so long that you lose all hope.  Pro users have access to our team of Advisors who can help you with questions about our content, working in the industry, and give you guidance on what to learn next.  

They are available from 8AM EST to Midnight EST, and are just a click away.

Learn to Code: With a little help from my friends


To learn more, or sign up for Codecademy Pro, head over to codecademy.com/pro

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