Test Driven Development – Curriculum

Upgrade your skills with Codecademy's Pro Intensive, Test Driven Development.

Test-Driven Development For Full-Stack Web Applications is a Codecademy Pro Intensive designed to give learners the confidence to:

  • Communicate the importance of testing
  • Evaluate testing strategies
  • Effectively test a MongoDB, Express, and Node.js (MERN) web application
  • Integrate testing into a development team's process

This Pro Intensive will introduce types of tests, explain testing best practices, and demonstrate how to apply an outside-in test-driven development approach. At the end of the program, learners will build a testing suite for a full-stack web application and use test-driven development to add a feature to an existing application.

Additional recommended but not pre-requisite knowledge include command line navigation and conceptual understanding of a full-stack web application.

Unit 1

Week 1

  • Why Test?
    • Lesson and Project/Quiz
  • Setting up Testing Environment
  • Article: What's a Good Test?

Unit 2

Week 2

  • Write Good Tests with Mocha
    • Lesson and Project/Quiz
  • Project: Testing a Calculator
  • Article: Red, Green, Refactor
  • Learn Test-Driven Development with Mocha
    • Lesson and Project/Quiz

Week 3 

  • Project: Test-Driven Development: Numerical Array Methods

Unit 3

Week 3 (continued)

  • Article: Testing pyramid and Outside-in
  • TDD Features
    • Lesson and Project/ Quiz
  • Project: Gather Part 1

Week 4

  • TDD Servers
    • Lesson and project/quiz
  • Project: Gather Pt. 2
  • TDD Databases
    • Lesson and project/quiz

Week 5

  • Project: Gather Parts 3 + 4

Unit 4

Week 5 (continued)

  • Capstone Project: VidBits

Week 6

  • Capstone Project: VidBits
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