Introduction to Data Analysis – Curriculum

Upgrade your skills with Codecademy's Pro Intensive, Introduction to Data Analysis.

In the Intro to Data Analysis Pro Intensive you’ll learn hypothesis & A/B testing, SQL that allows you to query databases, data visualization basics, and simple, yet sound analysis techniques.  

Unit 1

Week 1

Intro to Matplotlib

  • Basics of Matplotlib
  • Chart Types with Matplotlib

You can plot charts and graphs!

Unit 2

Week 2

Intro to Pandas

  • Selections with Pandas
  • Adding and modifying columns with Pandas

Pandas Aggregates

  • Pandas Aggregates

You can load, inspect, and modify data with Pandas, a python library.

Week 3

Multiple Tables in Pandas

    • Multiple Tables in Pandas
  • Optional Project: Combining Matplotlib and Pandas to load data and make charts

You can perform advanced data analysis with Pandas, a python library.


Unit 3

Week 4 & 5

Numpy Arrays

  • Intro to Numpy Arrays

Statistical Distributions with Numpy

  • Statistics with Numpy
  • Statistical Distributions

You can understand how to use Numpy arrays to efficiently calculate things like mean and median. You can understand different types of statistical distributions and how they describe real data.


Week 6

Hypothesis Testing

  • Statistical Basis for Testing
  • Hypothesis Testing

You can rigorously determine if an observed difference is “real”.


Unit 4

Week 7

Sample Size Determination

  • Sample Size Determination with SciPy

You can determine the sample size necessary to test a given hypothesis.


Unit 5

Week 8
Selections in SQL

Aggregates in SQL

  • Optional Project: Hypothesis Testing with Pandas

You can select and analyze data from SQL databases.


Week 9

Multiple Tables in SQL

  • Optional Project: Sample Size Determination with data from SQL

SQL database and perform complex queries.


Week 10

Capstone Project: Choose at least one (from the three)

  • Level 1: On-platform analysis of biodiversity in national parks
  • Level 2: Off-platform analysis of biodiversity in national parks
  • Level 3: Off-platform A/B Testing a Funnel for MuscleHub Gym
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