Build Web APIs From Scratch – Curriculum

Upgrade your skills with Codecademy's Pro Intensive Build Web APIs from Scratch.

Build Web APIs From Scratch is a Codecademy intensive designed to give learners the confidence to be able to understand and contribute to conversations about back-end architecture, SQLite, and Express.js, and to create basic web APIs from scratch using these technologies. This program will be broken into 5 units covering the fundamentals of JavaScript,  back-end web architecture, Express.js, and SQLite. Each unit will start by covering a specific technology content area (3-4 lessons) and introduce 1-2 new aspects of web architecture.

Learners will then be provided an off-platform project with a testing suite that will apply their newly-acquired skills in a project that emphasizes the web architecture topics they just learned. This program will culminate in two capstone projects where learners will be provided test suites and front-end applications for web APIs they will need to build from scratch.


Unit 1

JavaScript and Web Fundamentals

Learn the basics of using JavaScript on the web, including control flow, functions, scope, HTTP request cycle, and more.

Project: Rock-Paper-Scissors Game


Unit 2

JavaScript Arrays and Iteration and APIs

Learn how to store and iterate through data in JavaScript arrays, loops, iterators, and back-end architecture. 

Project: Beat Mix


Unit 3

JavaScript Objects and Modules and API Design

Learn about more advanced types of JavaScript objects and modules. Cover browser compatibility and transpilation.

Project: Reddit Clone


Unit 4

Introduction to Express.js

Learn about the web framework built with JavaScript, Express.js routes and middleware.

Project: Boss Machine


Unit 5

Introduction to SQLite

Learn how to read and analyze data stored in a relational database using SQL manipulation, queries, aggregate functions, and multiple tables. Learn about SQLite and DB Browser.

Project: Gold Medal Metrics


Unit 6

Mini-Capstone | Code Strips

Create a web API that creates and saves comic strips.

Project: Comic Strip App


Capstone | X-Press Publishing

Build an API that keeps track of artists and their work for a publishing company.

Project: Publishing Company API


Capstone | Ex-Presso

Build an API that a coffee shop owner can use to manage employees and menu items.

Project: Coffee Shop AP

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