Where will I be at the end of Codecademy Pro Intensive?

At the end of Codecademy Pro Intensive: Build Websites from Scratch you'll have a solid foundation of web development. You'll have built a professional-quality website for your portfolio using HTML and CSS. This program goes beyond definitions and into the best practices of expert developers. You'll ease in with the basics and quickly ramp up to confidently build websites with pixel-perfect accuracy.

At the end of Codecademy Pro Intensive: Build Web Apps from Scratch you'll have all the necessary skills you need to build interactive web applications with JavaScript and ReactJS. In just 8 weeks, you will understand and utilize the rich and powerful library that is revolutionizing front-end development by completing 4 real-world projects on your own.

At the end of Codecademy Pro Intensive: Build Web APIs from Scratch you'll have the confidence to be able to understand and contribute conversation about back-end architecture, SQLite, and Express.js. With these technologies, you will be able to create basic web APIs from scratch.

For more information about Codecademy Pro Intensive visit: http://pro.codecademy.com/upgrades/ and select Programs.

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