What is the curriculum for Codecademy Ready: Freelance Website Development?

    • There are seven different units and 1 Capstone project within the 8-week program.
      • Week 1: HTML
        • Set up your local development environment and begin writing well-structured content for your sites.
      • Week 2: CSS
        • Learn best practices for using CSS to style your HTML. Begin using Chrome DevTools to sandbox and debug your code.
      • Week 3: Command Line + Git
        • Use the command line and Git to make drafts of your work. With GitHub Pages, deploy your first website to the Internet.
      • Week 4: CSS Display and Layout
        • Learning to size and position elements with CSS. Leverage Flexbox – a powerful new CSS positioning tool.
      • Week 5: Responsive Design and Browser Compatibility
        • Learn responsive techniques that make it easy to develop sites that look great on all sizes and browsers.
      • Week 6: Design and UI Feedback
        • Analyze the decisions that make sites user friendly and fun to use. Learn advanced color and typographic CSS techniques. Harness the power of pseudo-classes to make your site interactive.
      • Week 7: Capstone Project
        • Create a one-of-a-kind design, write the code, and then deploy your site online.
      • Week 8: Introduction to Bootstrap, JavaScript, and jQuery
        • Choose from three projects to build using Bootstrap, JavaScript, and jQuery.

*To learn more about each week, please see the attached syllabus. 

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