What is the difference between Codecademy Pro and Codecademy Ready?

Codecademy Ready: Build Websites from Scratch is an intensive program. It includes a highly structured curriculum designed specifically to teach you the fundamental skills of professional website developers.  You work by building real projects outside of Codecademy, using the same tools and workflows real developers do.

Codecademy Pro is great for learning skills and taking them deeper, with more practice than Codecademy Basic, but without getting the same hands-on, practical experience.

Included in Codecademy Ready:

    • A detailed syllabus, and curriculum broken down into clearly divided units designed to break up your learning experience evenly.
    • Access to Slack chat rooms, with peers who are learning the same material.
      • There are 3 chat rooms to jump into:
        1. #online_now Check in each day as you begin your work. See who’s online, and find others to work with. This channel is supported by peers and classmates, as well as a dedicated mentor who checks in daily. We encourage you to be active in this channel.

        2. #highlights Join to stay informed. Mentors will summarize important discussions, highlight key resources, and post updates here.

        3. #resources Share great resources on the week’s material or website development in general. We encourage you to be in active in this channel as well.

Codecademy Ready not only provides the skills, challenges, resources, and strategies needed to succeed in website development, but also allows students to network with other like-minded peers. Working with peers to understand and solve problems is often the best way to learn yourself.

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