Difference between Codecademy Pro Intensive and Codecademy Pro

Codecademy Pro is a great tool for learning the fundamentals of coding. With Pro you'll be able to develop a deeper knowledge and refine your skills that go beyond our free content (lessons only). Pro comes with quizzes and projects. Pro provides paths for a specified learning experience. You can learn in a slower or quicker pace depending on the time commitment you're able to make.

Codecademy Pro Intensive is different than Pro. Intensives are designed to immerse learners over 6-10 weeks (timeframe dependent upon the Intensive) in website development, programming, or data science. Learners follow a structured, detailed syllabus that is broken into focused units to organize the learning experience.

Highlights of the program entail various forms of support, access to exclusive content, and a structured curriculum holding one accountable and ensuring you meet your deadlines.

Included in Codecademy Pro Intensives:

    • Lessons, quizzes, and mini-projects
    • 1-3 cumulative projects that will be reviewed by professional developers
      • Deadlines help learners develop disciplined, daily routines, which is key to acquiring a new skill.

      • A “what by when” structure helps learners stay on track and commit to prioritizing work, accomplishing goals and producing results.

    • Access to Slack chat channels with peers who are learning the same material. The purpose of the Slack chat channels are listed below.
      • Check in each day as you begin your work. See who’s online, and find others to work with.

      • Cohort moderators will summarize important discussions, highlight key resources, and post updates.

      • Share great resources on the week’s material or website development/programming/data science [news] in general. 

Receiving supplemental support from the community is a valuable part of Pro Intensive. On the start date of the program, we will invite you to join us in these online chat channels.

Working with peers to understand and solve problems is often the best way to learn yourself!

Codecademy Pro Intensive not only provides the skills, challenges, resources, and strategies needed to succeed in web development and programming languages, it also opens up new possibilities for career changes, upcycling existing projects, or simply utilizing creativity differently!

Visit our Curriculum page to see the different Intensives offered!


Pro is a recurring subscription-based product. 

Pro Intensive is a one-time payment for an enrollment in a program.

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