Using Google Classroom As a Replacement for Teacher Resources

On Friday, August 25th 2017 we had removed Codecademy Teacher Resources, so that we can rebuild them from the ground up. Our goal is to launch a full-fledged educator product suite some time next year, giving educators a full, robust set of tools you can use to bring Codecademy into your classroom. 

In the meantime we recommend using Google Classroom to bring Codecademy content into your classroom. Google classroom is a product that Google released that allows you to arrange learning content from all over the internet to assign to your students. While it doesn’t mirror everything Teacher Resources did, it offers a great workaround for you to deliver Codecademy content in your classroom. Instructions for using Google Classroom are below, and an accompanying video demonstrating the instructions can be found here:

  1. Go to, and create an account
  2. Create a class by selecting the + sign on the top right corner of the page
  3. Select class and include:
    • Name
    • Section
    • Subject
      • Hit "Create"
  4. Click + sign at the bottom right corner of the page
    • Select Assignment
      • Give the assignment a title
      • Add instructions (optional)
      • Hit the link icon (fourth icon to the right of the right hand corner of the page
    • Go to Codecademy Catalog
      • Navigate to the syllabus of the course you want to add
      • Open the applicable lesson in the course
      • Copy lesson link
      • Link to Codecademy lesson in Google Classroom

     5. Visit this how-to article, to learn how you can View Student Work .

You can then start to build customer content and classes. This will allow you to assign Codecademy content to your students while teacher tools is down, and even blend it with different teaching resources from other parts of the internet.  

If you have questions you can reach our Customer Support team by clicking the “Ask a question” button on the top right corner of this page.

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