What has changed in Learn ReactJS: Part I and Learn ReactJS: Part II?

We’ve updated our Learn ReactJS: Part I and Learn ReactJS: Part II courses to use JavaScript ES6. ES6 (the sixth version of ECMAScript, which is the specification JavaScript is based on) introduces new syntax and additional functionality that makes the popular web language even more powerful than before.

Themes that are covered in the Codecademy React JS updates include the following: “Constants”, “Block-Scoped Variables”, “Modules”, “Class Definition”, and “Class Inheritance”.

For more detailed information on the update, including what you need to do to update your React JS coursework with the new syntax, check out the following Codecademy blog post.

And for even more context, here is an article describing all of the differences between React JS using ES5 and ES6 as well as an article including all of the features added by ES6.



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