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Easier way to: Navigate the Q&A forums, Track questions and answers I've posted

Mark Oct 08, 2013 04:37AM EDT

First of all, I love the Codecademy concept and think it is an excellent tool for learning.

Granted, you are probably hit with thousands of emails/questions like are you going to support language X, etc.

I think those are great suggestions, but I would like to see some changes to the site interface that make navigation/useability easier.

Namely, I haven't found an easy way to navigate through the exercise Q&A forums. I like to go through the Q&A forums to see if there are any questions I can answer or users I can assist.

It seems like, if you aren't working on a particular exercise, then you have to open an exercise and then click the Q&A link at the bottom left. And that link only takes you to the forum for that particular language/section. This is kind of a painful way to navigate to the various forums.

It would be nice if there was one page where you could have links to all the different Q&A forums for the various languages/sections so that we wouldn't have to have tons of bookmarks stored away.

Additionally, it would be also be nice if our Profile/Dashboard had a place to see all the questions and/or answers I've posted even if there are no responses. Most web forums these days have this functionality.

I know you have that little bell icon in the navigation bar, but I want to track and see all the questions/answers/comments I've posted, not just get new response notifications. The current work around is to bookmark the link to every question/answer page I've posted on, which is very much a manual and painful process as my posts grow.

It would be pretty easy to implement a CMS/database solution to do these things, would it not?

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